Who I am and what I love

My name is Emilie Anne Szabo. My name is spelled the french way, thanks to my mother who is french. Sometimes people will say that I look french, and when they do I secretly just love it. I am married to a wonderful man, Curt, who gave me a silent "z" in my last name. He makes me laugh and shows me such unconditional love, I am very blessed. I have a sweet daughter named Eloise who is a bundle of fun and energy. She looks like her dad and is an extravert like her mom. 

I love creating and I love capturing. There is so much beauty in people and in this world. My passion and skill is two fold. First, I enjoy creating beauty. When it comes to products, I want to help you write a story through beautiful images. Part of that process is creating a context that illuminates your product. I love the creative challenge of styling and shooting a product in a way that maximizes it's beauty and potential.  

I also love capturing life's sweet moments as they unfold. Whether that be a very special event, like your wedding day, or your family making blueberry pancakes Saturday morning, my desire is to photograph the details, emotion and beauty in these moments. People are beautiful and complex, so full of depth and emotion. It is a privilege to capture and deliver memories.